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We'll be open for dinner at 1 pm on Monday - Friday, 3 pm on Saturdays, and 1 pm again on Sundays.



In the early 1930′s, the Camden Central Airport was constructed on a large, open lot on the southeast side of what was to become known as The Airport Circle. Camden Central was a major airfield for the metropolitan Philadelphia area and was a major connection for the greater Delaware Valley area to the rest of the world. The airfield flourished due to its proximity to Philadelphia and Camden, two of the largest cities on the east coast at the time.

The building that The Pub currently occupies was built in the 1930′s and originally started life as a nightclub called “Neil Deighan’s”. Neil Deighan was a local celebrity of sorts and an accomplished minor league baseball player and professional basketball player. When he retired from sports, he was the founder of the New Jersey Licensed Beverage Association. He had several restaurants and bars in the area but his real fame and what made him a household name in the area was his restaurant named after him at the Airport Circle. In the late 1940′s, “Neil Deighan’s” briefly became known as “Club Shaguire”.

However, that name and ownership did not last long. In 1950, the building was bought and renovated by three families that went in to business together. They renamed their new restaurant The Pub and opened the doors for business in 1951. This however was not the first Pub and just one location in a local franchise with locations in Philadelphia at 1421 Sansom St., 15th and Chestnut, 17th and Walnut and one on Allegheny Ave. The Pub in Pennsauken is the only one left with all others closing by the mid-1980′s when the leases ran out and were not renewed.

In 1960, The Pub burned to the ground in a catastrophic fire. It was summarily rebuilt and has been standing ever since. The original construction in 1950 was a large, Tudor-themed building. It has a gigantic open hearth with charcoal fired ovens. This gives The Pub a uniqueness that is not found in any other steakhouse in the area. The Pub is the only restaurant in the area that still cooks on the open charcoal hearth.

The Pub still makes just about everything they serve; from the zucchini bread at the giant salad bars to their own cranberry sauce.   The original menu had only 12 – 14 items, but over the years items have been added to make an extensive line of seafood and chicken entrées.  However, it still has the hometown favorites which made the Pub famous. These include the BBQ Baby Back Ribs, Filet Mignon and Prime Rib, and all dinner entrees include their famous salad bar and choice of potato. 

 The Pub continues to be a landmark and family tradition.  Its success is marked by the loyal customers who come back time after time.  They know it is a great place to come for a family dinner as well as a romantic dinner with your sweetheart.  It has always been, and will remain, the one and only Pub – a great and lasting dining tradition.


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